about me

I started making tattoos with the machine but then i put it down. Now i make handpoke tattoos because i like to have my own rythm. I enjoy the slow process of making the piece by putting dots one to the other. It takes longer but how it feels and looks is worth it.

Making tattoos is intimate for me. I need to feel the connection with the person i make tattoo for. I don’t own a cell phone nor profiles at social media. I communicate through e-mail sometimes but prefer the personal agreement. You can find the way to meet me if you want.

I’m active in the campaign Make Tattoo not war. Do you want to get a tattoo and support people who suffer because of the war? Let me know! I also make piercing, usualy of nose, lips, ears but also some intimate parts.

There are some pictures on my web site which are not great for tattoos but rather for postcards, posters, textile prints or comix or other publications. If you like them and want to use them, feel free to do so. They are for free use, i just appreciate if you mention the source.